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We're #1...In Arrests!

Millions of Americans have been eagerly awaiting this weekend for more than 8 months. They are college football fans…and the smack talk has already begun. Everywhere you turn, you hear “We’re #1!”

But, number one in what, exactly?


Put My Name On It

When the scoreboard at Aberdeen High School’s football field fell into disrepair, a few alumni – who just happen to play in the NFL – stepped forward to save the day. They wrote a big check and gave it to the school…along with one condition.

But the cash-strapped school called an audible at the line of scrimmage.


I Don't Want God to Exist

All of us look at our world and wish a few things didn’t exist. For example, most sane people agree there should be no hunger or war. We’d love to live in a world without cancer. But our world contains the things many of us do not like.

Even atheist Thomas Nagel wishes the world didn’t contain something, or Someone….


Come to a Complete Stop

Hank was driving through a small Texas town when he failed to come to a complete stop at an intersection before continuing on his way. Unfortunately, a highway patrolman witnessed the infraction and pulled him over.

Within minutes, Hank would learn that a ticket wasn’t the worse thing he could get from a cop.


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