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Killing Mr. Cook

Dr. Fred Craddock had no qualms about calling his childhood neighbor, Mr. Cook, a “hateful man”; after all, when Fred was just a young boy, Mr. Cook killed his dog. Fred’s sentiment toward Mr. Cook is easy to understand because many people have had a neighbor like Mr. Cook.

But few people have had a father like Fred’s. Continue reading

Julian’s Problem

Julian had a problem: Christianity was taking over his empire. But dealing with that problem highlighted an even bigger one: his authority as Emperor wasn’t sufficient to rid his land of Christians.

His military might was simply no match for their humility and sacrificial nature. Continue reading

A Place for Messed Up People

If you had to describe your church, how would you go about it? What words would you use? Even better, how would your community describe your church? What would they say about you?

Authentic, or obligatory? Loving, or lacking? Transformative, or stagnant? Continue reading

Church Only Makes Me Feel Worse

Ask church people about their image in the community and they’re likely to reference “hospitals for the sick” or “lighthouses for lost.” Let’s face it; that’s how we like to see ourselves.

But one prostitute in Chicago has a completely different take on Christians and the Church. Continue reading

Running Together

Running a 5K isn’t easy. The course stretches 3.1 miles long and can be filled with hills and headwinds. Successful runners know it takes a good pair of running shoes, plenty of training, and unflinching endurance to finish strong.

And it doesn’t hurt to have a good running partner, either. Continue reading

What Doctors Say…and What They Mean

We’ve all come home from doctor visits only to be greeted by our family members wanting an answer to the same question: What did the doctor say?

But after years of experience, I’ve come to learn that what the doctor “says” and what the doctor “means” are completely different. Continue reading

Regret Immortalized

In the violent world of African war where thousands of people shot bullets, South African photojournalist Kevin Carter shot film. The dangerous vocation of wartime photography put him in life-and-death situations on a daily basis…and eventually, it took its toll.

But Carter wasn’t killed in war. He took his own life…even after winning a Pulitzer Prize for one of his photos. Continue reading

Grace on the Gridiron

Jake Porter wasn’t exactly the most talented player on his high school football team. OK, that’s an understatement. He’d never scored a single touchdown. He’d never even ran the ball. Heck, he’d never even touched the ball!

But all that was about to change. And when it did, a lot of hearts would also be changed. Continue reading

Ancient Therapy

“How’s the relationship with your father?” “What sort of dreams do you have?” “Is there any evidence of mental disorder in your family?” And of course, “How does that make you feel?” These are just a few of the questions psychologists use to help their troubled patients.

But when it comes to helping broken and troubled people, God asks the best questions of all. Continue reading

Right War, Wrong Side

Near the end of Kyle’s medical internship at the city hospital, an elderly man walked in for treatment. It would prove to be a very difficult appointment for the future doctor as the old patient had a thick accent and no health insurance.

But those problems weren’t the biggest. Continue reading