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Archive for the ‘Adultery’ Category

Who The Heck Is Ashley Madison?

Life is short. Have an affair.

That’s the motto behind, “the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters.” Their website allows you to “SEARCH FOR MARRIED PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA!” as soon as you join.

But don’t worry; by their estimates, they don’t endorse infidelity…. Continue reading

Messy Messaging

In Numbers 32:23, Moses gave God’s people the following warning: “You may be sure that your sin will find you out.” Of course, not everyone believes this truth, so naturally, some are willing to press their luck.

But this guy should’ve known the reality behind this passage…mainly because he preached it for so long! Continue reading

The (In)Famous Brooklyn Scandal

By 1872, Henry Ward Beecher was one of the most popular and respected clergymen in the nation. For 25 years he had been the pastor of the large and successful Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn.

But his relationship with one woman would change all that. Continue reading

A Modern Day Hester Prynne

In the hot August sun of 2009 in the small town of Centreville, Virginia, a man stood at the corner of Leesburg Pike and Tysons Corner with a hand-lettered sandwich board around his neck. It read simply, “I cheated. This is my punishment.” Continue reading