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Archive for the ‘Airplanes’ Category

Mistaken Identity…at 10,000 Feet

With his request finally approved, a CNN News cameraman quickly used his smartphone to call the local airstrip to charter a flight. He was told a twin-engine plane would be waiting for him at the airport.

Little did he know he was in for the flight of his life! Continue reading

Delayed in Midair

Two blondes were flying to Los Angeles from Atlanta. One of the pair was a seasoned traveler; the other had reservations about flying. The first tried to comfort the latter with small talk and distract her with in-flight magazines.

Everything was going fine until the pilot came on the intercom and announced the plane had lost an engine. Continue reading

Flight Safety

Supposedly…after flights, airline pilots fill out a form which tells technicians about any problems encountered with the aircraft during flight. The technicians’ job is to correct the problem(s) identified on the form, document the completed repairs on the same form, and then submit the form for review. Continue reading