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Bertrand’s Beliefs

Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, lived a very long life…and all of it apart from God. As an outspoken atheist, he was quick to criticize religion of any kind. But as every life does, his would come to an end.

Fortunately for Bertrand, he had a plan in place…just in case God existed. Continue reading

I Called It!

Andres Menzies isn’t your typical security guard. He spent 17 years on the detail protecting international pop star Michael Jackson, but it’s the ring he wears on his right hand that he likes to talk about the most. And why not?

It’s an NBA Championship ring he received from billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Continue reading

Talking to a Wall

Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed only to fear that your words bounced off the ceiling falling far short of God’s throne room in Heaven? If so, you’re not alone. Many faithful men and women fear their prayers are ineffective.

And some fear that prayer might be a waste of time, altogether. Continue reading

Relief from Grief

Crows. Elephants. Bonobos. Chimpanzees. They all have something in common with humans besides a Creator. For quite some time, researchers and scientists have observed these species (and many others) exhibiting symptoms of grief.

But thanks to God, that’s where our commonality ends. Continue reading

The World’s Most Encouraging Bathroom

Suffering is an inescapable part of life that everyone faces. That’s what makes encouragement and hope so important. The question then becomes, “Can hurting people find life-changing hope at your church?”

Or would they be better off going to this public bathroom to be encouraged? Continue reading

The Word of the Day

Mrs. Rawlings stood in front of her class of second graders and said, “Today’s word is definitely. The word definitely means ‘absolutely, positively, without a doubt.’ Can anyone use the word definitely in a sentence?”

And that’s when the “train left the track.” Continue reading

Delayed in Midair

Two blondes were flying to Los Angeles from Atlanta. One of the pair was a seasoned traveler; the other had reservations about flying. The first tried to comfort the latter with small talk and distract her with in-flight magazines.

Everything was going fine until the pilot came on the intercom and announced the plane had lost an engine. Continue reading

The Female Mechanic

Let’s face it, men like to think they know more than women…especially when it comes to manly things like sports, grilling, and car repair.

But every once in a while, men are proved wrong by the intelligent women in their lives. Continue reading

How God Gains Our Trust

There are lots of influences in our lives, each begging us to trust them. If we’re wise, we only follow those who can prove they are worthy of our trust.

Long ago, when Dr. Evan Kane asked people to trust him, he proved himself in a most unusual way. Continue reading

John Wesley’s Conversion

John Wesley grew up in the home of an Anglican priest. He studied theology at Oxford. He even went to the newly discovered America on a mission trip. In spite of these realities, Wesley had never truly bowed his life to Christ.

The true conversion of John Wesley shows that God can reach anyone at anytime…no matter what. Continue reading