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Sister’s Keeper

The old saying, “Blood is thicker than water,” is true in more ways than one. It illustrates just how powerful the bond between family can be. When family members care for one another the way God intended, it can be a sight to behold.

Just asking Jesse Jackson. Continue reading

Beyond the Starting Line

“Crossing the line of faith.” It’s the most important step anyone will ever take, but too many Christians shortchange their relationship with Jesus by forgetting about the second step, the third step, and the millionth step. They mistakenly think they’re done after they cross the starting line.

Usain Bolt, a man who knows an awful lot about crossing lines, would never make that mistake. Continue reading

Name It After Me

When the scoreboard at Aberdeen High School’s football field fell into disrepair, a few alumni – who just happen to play in the NFL – stepped forward to save the day. They wrote a big check and gave it to the school…along with one condition.

But the cash-strapped school called an audible at the line of scrimmage. Continue reading

Michael Jordan’s Paycheck

Unfortunately, many people’s talk is cheap. They say one thing and then do another which makes their promises as empty as their integrity. If the commitments they’ve made might end up costing them something, they break them without any reservation.

But when Michael Jordan gave his word, he kept it…even if it could cost him millions. Continue reading

Two Strikes and You’re Out

Everybody knows that in baseball you get three strikes…and then you’re out. Not 1. Not 4. It’s such a universal rule that most parents and teachers (and even bosses) use it in their respective roles. Getting “three” strikes is the last hope a nervous batter has after accumulating two.

Unless that batter is Chris Stewart of the New York Yankees…. Continue reading

Making the Most of Failures

When asked, “What made Michael Jordan so great?” lots of basketball fans may think “practice,” “dedication,” “teamwork,” “great coaching,” “luck” or something else. When Michael Jordan answers that question about himself, he give a surprising answer.

A very surprising answer. Continue reading

Grace on the Gridiron

Jake Porter wasn’t exactly the most talented player on his high school football team. OK, that’s an understatement. He’d never scored a single touchdown. He’d never even ran the ball. Heck, he’d never even touched the ball!

But all that was about to change. And when it did, a lot of hearts would also be changed. Continue reading

Florence’s Fog

Florence Chadwick was a world-class athlete who set and broke long-distance swimming records for women…and men. In 1950, she crossed the English Channel faster than any other woman in history. A year later, she crossed it again, this time against the current, something no other woman had ever done.

But on July 4, 1952, Chadwick did something else she’d never done before. Continue reading

Picking Leroy

If you were putting together a basketball team and had the chance to pick Michael Jordan as one of your players, you would almost certainly do so. But back in 1978, Coach Clifton “Pop” Herring had that exact opportunity…and opted not to.

Instead of MJ, he chose a player that most fans have never heard of. Continue reading

“You Can’t Ride the Fence”

When Michael Jordan stepped onto the court, he played for nothing short of victory. He was a driven, committed, passionate athlete who was intolerant of mediocrity. But he didn’t just play that way; he lived that way, as well.

Just ask his most-trusted friend, Fred Whitfield. Continue reading