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Archive for the ‘Baby’ Category

A Life Worth Sacrificing

Most folks on the pro-life side of the abortion fence wonder what those on the opposite side of the issue think about unborn babies. Are they human? Just a fetus? A life? Tissue? Now, thanks to one pro-choice writer, there is crystal clear understanding.

An unborn baby is nothing more than a “life worth sacrificing.” Continue reading

Dad’s and Dirty Diapers

John and Lisa were beside themselves with delight when they brought home their first child from the hospital. Little Katy was full of smiles and lovable grunts, and her parents ate it up.

Of course, Katy would come with responsibilities, too. Continue reading

The Christmas Card You’ll Never See

Each Christmas, millions of holiday greeting cards are shared by friends and family members. Those of a spiritual nature usually feature angelic choirs, gift-bearing wise men, a baby in a manger, or some other fond image found in the Christmas stories of Matthew 2 and Luke 2.

But we never see Christmas cards based on Revelation’s version of the Christmas story…and we never will. Continue reading