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The Marlboro Men

Eric Lawson, David Millar, Wayne McLaren, and David McLean have something in common. All four of them worked for the same company, in the same position, modeling as the iconic Marlboro Man.

Wanna guess what else they have in common? Continue reading

Letting Go of God

Before “letting go” of something, most intelligent people take the time to analyze whether it’s wise to do so, or not. Most people, from stock traders to baseball traders want to make sure that what they’re getting is better than what they’re giving up.

Evidently, actress Julia Sweeney isn’t most people. Continue reading

Madonna vs. Mediocrity

She’s sold well over 100 million albums around the world, done TV and film work, and launched her own line of clothing. Her career has spanned more than 4 decades and she’s won multiple ASCAP Awards, Golden Globes, and Grammys.

But Madonna still can’t seem to capture satisfaction or self-respect…. Continue reading

God’s Work?

In 2013, TIME Magazine listed Justin Timberlake as one of its 100 Most Influential People in the World. It’s true; JT is an international superstar known for his music, acting (film and television), and miscellaneous business ventures. But in the article, he was praised for doing God’s work, too.

God’s work, huh? Continue reading

Gandalf the Gay?

Most Americans probably do not recognize the name Ian McKellen, but most would recognize his face. That’s because he’s spent the last decade of his life making two fictional characters very famous: Gandalf the Grey (from The Lord of the Rings) and Magneto (from the X-Men films).

He’s also known for making his stance on homosexuality very famous, as well. Continue reading

We Believe! (Sort Of)

On August 19, 1859, “The Great Blondin” planned to make history…again. The famous tightrope walker had already crossed Niagara Falls several times, but on this day, he’d planned his most nerve-wracking feat yet: carrying a man across the falls on his back.

There was just one problem. Continue reading

Is Houdini Really Dead?

On Sunday, October 31, 1926, at precisely 1:26pm, a man named Ehrich Weiss died in a hospital room in Detroit, Michigan surrounded by his siblings, his wife, and a few medical attendants. The world gasped when they heard the news because they knew this man by a different name: Harry Houdini.

But most wondered if death could hold him; for years, Houdini boasted of a plan to cheat the grave. Continue reading

Houdini’s Deathbed Confession

When a person prepares for death, he or she usually tallies their life’s victories and regrets. In that gripping moment, each of us takes an honest – even chilling – assessment of our lives. It’s just a natural thing for all of us to do.

Even Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous magician, did it. Continue reading

Should Have Gone to Rehab

Her music captivated millions; her highly public struggles with drugs and alcohol drew the attention of millions more. But it all ended on July 23, 2011 when Amy Winehouse died in her North London home at the young age of 27.

But in life’s ultimate irony, one of her biggest songs actually contained everything she needed to be alive today. Continue reading

What Would Donald Say?

No, this isn’t my attempt at a spinoff of the world-famous WWJD bracelet; I was just thinking about what Donald Trump would say to lots of Christians if he were in the sandals of Jesus listening to a modern day Christian explain his or her level of commitment.

The Upper Room meets the Boardroom. Oh yeah…. Continue reading