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Hudson Leaves Home

September 19, 1853 was a day Hudson Taylor would never forget. Neither would his mother. It was on that day that Taylor, England’s world-famous missionary, set sail for China where he would spend most of his life.

But neither of them imagined this moment could be so difficult. Continue reading

Hudson Taylor’s Experiment

Prior to his departure to the mission fields of China, Hudson Taylor realized that he would continually be alone and always in great need. Knowing this – and given his bold philosophy of never asking people for donations – he thought it necessary to learn “to move man, through God, by prayer alone.”

If this sounds like a Jedi mind trick to you, think again. Continue reading

Preaching to Passive Pastors

At a pastor’s conference in Scotland in 1865, Hudson Taylor, the mighty missionary to China, was given the opportunity to address 2,000 pastors about his work. Sadly, many churches in Europe couldn’t have been less concerned about the millions of Chinese people dying apart from Christ on a monthly basis.

But then, Hudson Taylor opened his sermon with this story…. Continue reading

Asking…and Receiving

England’s Hudson Taylor, the missionary God used to transform China, was consumed with leading the lost into God’s Kingdom. In spite of the unfathomable challenges he would face – a lack of money, support, translators, and supplies – he never once asked anyone for money. Instead, he simply prayed.

Why not? That strategy paid off time and time again…. Continue reading