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Herod the Great, AKA, Herod the Murderous

Matthew opens his version of the Good News of Jesus Christ with some unthinkably bad news: the King of the Jews, Herod the Great, becomes jealous and angry, and slaughters innocent baby boys born in and around Bethlehem. Since no other historian mentions this atrocity, many deny it ever took place.

Yeah, murdering innocent people would be soooooo out of character for King Herod…. Continue reading

Wrapping Up Freedom

While no two Christmas lists are ever the exact same, it’s a sure bet that most kids want the hi-tech staples that have come to define our culture: an iPad, a video game or two, and a new cell phone. But a few kids from India had a different list entirely; they just wanted to be set free from slavery.

And thanks to a recent raid, they got just what they wanted. Continue reading

A Worthless Warning

Everybody’s been told that Santa is making a list, that he is checking it twice, and that he’s going to find out who’s naughty or nice. But if the truth be told, no one really cares.

That’s because recent studies show that being on the “naughty list” doesn’t actually lower the number of presents kids get, after all. Continue reading

Christmas Gifts for an Atheist

During the 2011 Christmas season, Patrick Greene, a confessed atheist, drove five hours from his home in San Antonia, TX to protest a nativity scene that was erected on the courthouse square in Henderson County.

Little did he know that the Christians he’d confront would impact his life so deeply. Continue reading

Happy Holiday$$$

Let’s face it: nobody calls Christmas what we’ve turned it into. Continue reading

A (Truly) Silent Night

The inspirational moments behind the creation of music are often as varied as the music itself. Military victories, movements of God, and even the loss of loved ones, have brought about some of the church’s most beloved music.

But the “inspiration” behind the hymn Silent Night was nothing more than a broken organ. Continue reading

Being Thankful Was Sooooo Yesterday!

It’s pretty sad that Thanksgiving is being eclipsed by an annual sale, but that’s the state of our holiday mindset. Maybe there’s some wisdom for all of us embedded in the words of Paul from Colossians 3:15. “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Continue reading

The Best Way to Handle Bad Christmas Presents

Let’s be honest. Christmas brings awesome gifts…but Christmas also brings gifts from your Aunt Agnes living in Finland. How do you handle the moment when you tear off the wrapping paper to discover a turtleneck that somehow survived the Cold War?

Here are the five best ways to express yourself in that moment. Continue reading

The Misplaced Hymn

Joy to the World is the most-recognized and most-published Christmas hymn in America. Since its writing in 1719, Isaac Watts’ tune has become a holiday necessity at sacred – and even secular – gatherings.

But ironically, Watts never intended the song to be about Christ’s birth; in fact, he had a very different occasion in mind. Continue reading

The Christmas Card You’ll Never See

Each Christmas, millions of holiday greeting cards are shared by friends and family members. Those of a spiritual nature usually feature angelic choirs, gift-bearing wise men, a baby in a manger, or some other fond image found in the Christmas stories of Matthew 2 and Luke 2.

But we never see Christmas cards based on Revelation’s version of the Christmas story…and we never will. Continue reading