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Growing Weed by God’s Word

Over the last two thousand years, the Bible has been used by various people to justify just about anything: the Crusades, slavery, gay marriage, etc. But one man in New Zealand may have chosen the wildest cause yet.

He claims the Bible gives him permission to grow marijuana. Continue reading

Take Out That Part About….

Most people will agree that the Bible has its fair share of difficult passages. It contains laws and commandments, claims of exclusivity, and supernatural miracles that boggle the mind. Some have even suggested removing the parts of the Bible that are too difficult or divisive.

But cutting out parts of the Bible is just as foolish as cutting out parts of the Constitution. Continue reading

Halfway Holiness

If honest, many Christians will admit they choose which passages of the Bible to base their lives on…or at the very least, which parts of the Bible are “more important” than others.

But long ago, when a pastor tried that with Billy Graham, he learned a valuable lesson. Continue reading

The Importance of Context

I’ll bet you a million bucks the Bible says, “There is no God.” Any takers?

Fair warning: if you bet against me, you’ll be wrong. Let me explain… Continue reading