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Leasing Spouses

Till death do us part. That’s the vow most men and women take at their marriage…and the vow that too many break in divorce. Paul Rampell, a real estate lawyer in South Florida, has a “solution” for the problem of high divorce rates in America.

He suggests a “wedlease” instead of wedlock. Continue reading

The Baptism of Sam Houston

There were lots of reasons the famous Texan, Sam Houston, was referred to as “Big Drunk.” He was larger than life, and he was rough around the edges. He was a life-long brawler that could handle himself in a fight, whether it was a political one, a military one, or even a marital one.

Then he met Jesus and was baptized…and everything changed. Continue reading

Ruth Graham on Marriage…and Murder

Ruth Graham had many relationships and many responsibilities. She married young, supported her husband as he became an international figure, raised their kids, and volunteered in Rev. Graham’s crusades. Among many attributes, she was known for her tremendous work ethic and her stinging sense of humor. Continue reading