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Archive for the ‘Dogs’ Category

Killing Mr. Cook

Dr. Fred Craddock had no qualms about calling his childhood neighbor, Mr. Cook, a “hateful man”; after all, when Fred was just a young boy, Mr. Cook killed his dog. Fred’s sentiment toward Mr. Cook is easy to understand because many people have had a neighbor like Mr. Cook.

But few people have had a father like Fred’s. Continue reading

Tattoo’s Leash

In life, we must be mindful of our relationships. If we’re connected to godly people, we’ll reap benefit after benefit. But if we’re tethered to the wrong people, we’ll pay a tremendous price over and over again.

If you don’t believe it, just check out the story of “Tattoo,” a basset hound from Seattle. Continue reading

Jake is a Great Christian

By most definitions, Jake is a model Christian. He doesn’t swear. He doesn’t go out drinking, nor does he run around with wild women. Further, Jake hasn’t ever gossiped one time in his entire life!

Yep, Jake is just about the best dog a man could ask for. Continue reading