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A Life-Changing Phone Call

When the phone rang in Larry’s office, Bryan, a movie producer in Hollywood, was on the other end asking for some help on behalf of a troubled friend named Mark. Larry obliged and hung up the phone.

But when he picked up the phone to call Mark, there’s no way Larry could have known what was about to happen. Continue reading

The “All You Can Eat” Church

The first church that Fred Craddock served as pastor was a tiny, rural one near Oak Ridge, TN. During his tenure, the community exploded with laborers brought in to work at the newly developed nuclear plants. The young pastor wanted to attract the workers to his church; there was just one problem.

The church didn’t want them. At all. Continue reading

Modern Day Lion’s Den

Believer or not, just about everyone is familiar with the account of Daniel’s night spent with the lions. In the well-known story, a pagan king threw one of God’s prophets into a den filled with the terrifying animals. Of course, Daniel walked out the next morning completely unscathed.

The same cannot be said about a man in Taipei who willing confronted a group of lions. Continue reading

Eugene Peterson’s First Convert

No two Christians share their faith the same way; some quote Scripture while others pass out tracts. Some use methods like “The 4 Spiritual Laws” or “The Roman Road.” But Eugene Peterson’s evangelistic strategy was much simpler.

He just used his fists. Continue reading

You Might Be A Missionary’s Kid…

Missionary’s kids are a special breed. They’ve traipsed around the globe with their parents sharing the Gospel as a family. But sometimes, they stand out just as much when they get back home as they did when they were on the mission field.

Here are a few ways you can pick them out in a crowd. Continue reading

Reaching Sinners Spurgeon’s Way

Charles H. Spurgeon pastored thousands but impacted the lives of millions. The Church is indebted to the Prince of Preachers for his teaching, scholarship, and example. But those who were lost in their sin owed him much more.

That’s because he never gave up on them. Continue reading

Baptizing Moung…And Thousands More

When Moung Nau died in Burma in the 19th Century, he did so as a Christian. The Buddhist had been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in his native land by the efforts of an American missionary who labored and suffered like no other.

But would that missionary’s success be worth the horrible anguish he faced? Continue reading

No Turning Back

History has shown time and again that advancing a kingdom isn’t an easy task. The endeavor demands many resources: soldiers, money, supplies, and time. But the greatest commodity of all is commitment.

Hernando Cortez, the famous Spanish Conquistador, knew that better than anyone else. Continue reading

Preaching to Passive Pastors

At a pastor’s conference in Scotland in 1865, Hudson Taylor, the mighty missionary to China, was given the opportunity to address 2,000 pastors about his work. Sadly, many churches in Europe couldn’t have been less concerned about the millions of Chinese people dying apart from Christ on a monthly basis.

But then, Hudson Taylor opened his sermon with this story…. Continue reading

Patton’s Game Plan

Tensions were high on June 5, 1944. In a matter of hours, Allied forces would storm the beaches of Normandy and attempt to liberate Europe from the deadly Nazi grip. Knowing the importance of victory, General George S. Patton addressed his military leaders on the eve of battle.

Though the outcome of the invasion was far from clear, Patton’s expectations were crystal clear. Continue reading