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Beyond the Starting Line

“Crossing the line of faith.” It’s the most important step anyone will ever take, but too many Christians shortchange their relationship with Jesus by forgetting about the second step, the third step, and the millionth step. They mistakenly think they’re done after they cross the starting line.

Usain Bolt, a man who knows an awful lot about crossing lines, would never make that mistake. Continue reading

Meeting Mary

You’ve probably heard of Louie Giglio, the founder of Passion, a ministry that impacts hundreds of thousands of college students each year. You’ve probably heard of his best friend, Pastor Andy Stanley, as well; he leads one of the largest and most influential churches in America. But you’ve probably never heard of Mary Gellerstedt.

But without her, Louie and Andy might not be the men we know today. Continue reading

“You Can’t Ride the Fence”

When Michael Jordan stepped onto the court, he played for nothing short of victory. He was a driven, committed, passionate athlete who was intolerant of mediocrity. But he didn’t just play that way; he lived that way, as well.

Just ask his most-trusted friend, Fred Whitfield. Continue reading

Asking…and Receiving

England’s Hudson Taylor, the missionary God used to transform China, was consumed with leading the lost into God’s Kingdom. In spite of the unfathomable challenges he would face – a lack of money, support, translators, and supplies – he never once asked anyone for money. Instead, he simply prayed.

Why not? That strategy paid off time and time again…. Continue reading

Perpetua’s Persistence

Around 175 AD, a girl of noble descent named Perpetua was born at Carthage, which happened to be the epicenter of Christianity’s growth in northern Africa. Believing Christianity undermined Roman patriotism, Emperor Septimius Severus began a focused persecution of the Christians in that province.

Perpetua and a few friends were immediately arrested…but that was only the beginning of their troubles. Continue reading

Finish Strong!

Football coaches tell their teams they must play “all 60 minutes” of the game. Track and field trainers tell their athletes to run “the whole” race. That’s because they know that playing 59 minutes or only running 399 meters leads to defeat.

The same kind of defeat in these videos…. Continue reading

The Final Prayer of Michael Sattler

The Reformation created many mighty saints inside the Christian faith: John Calvin, Martin Luther, and Ulrich Zwingli, just to name a few. Sadly, the important work of the Reformation also cost many saints their lives.

Michael Sattler was one of those men. Continue reading

Billy’s Take on the Bible

Those of us who live in the shadow of the great Billy Graham assume the world-renowned evangelist never had any doubts about the Christian faith. We tend to believe he has all the answers to all the questions…and that it’s always been that way.

But that’s not the case, and a conversation he had in 1949 proved it. Continue reading

Decius’ Decree

Decius came from a long line of Roman Emperors who hated Christ and His followers. But unlike those who had gone before him, he would be quite successful in ridding the empire – and world – of the Jesus disease.

And, for the most part, he wouldn’t even have to use a sword to do it. Continue reading

What Would Donald Say?

No, this isn’t my attempt at a spinoff of the world-famous WWJD bracelet; I was just thinking about what Donald Trump would say to lots of Christians if he were in the sandals of Jesus listening to a modern day Christian explain his or her level of commitment.

The Upper Room meets the Boardroom. Oh yeah…. Continue reading