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Archive for the ‘Fake’ Category

The Dead King

Suleiman the Magnificent was the longest-ruling leader in the Ottoman Empire. The mighty sultan led successful military conquests on multiple continents and the legal system he set in place transformed the lives of millions for several centuries. But like all men, both great and small, he eventually died.

But through an elaborate hoax, his dead body was kept on the throne! Continue reading

The Power of a Fake

You know that the “North won the war,” but do you know how? Sure, the Union Army had well-trained troops and advanced weaponry, but there was yet another tool they wielded during the American Civil War.

And this one, while highly effective, never even saw the battlefield. Continue reading

Houdini’s Deathbed Confession

When a person prepares for death, he or she usually tallies their life’s victories and regrets. In that gripping moment, each of us takes an honest – even chilling – assessment of our lives. It’s just a natural thing for all of us to do.

Even Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous magician, did it. Continue reading

Unreal Advertisements

It’s no secret that images gracing the covers of the most popular magazines in the country are enhanced (or “Photoshopped”) to make the particular model look even more appealing.

(Hey, companies can’t have “slightly flawed” people representing their perfect products!) Continue reading