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A Life-Changing Phone Call

When the phone rang in Larry’s office, Bryan, a movie producer in Hollywood, was on the other end asking for some help on behalf of a troubled friend named Mark. Larry obliged and hung up the phone.

But when he picked up the phone to call Mark, there’s no way Larry could have known what was about to happen. Continue reading

A (Truly) Silent Night

The inspirational moments behind the creation of music are often as varied as the music itself. Military victories, movements of God, and even the loss of loved ones, have brought about some of the church’s most beloved music.

But the “inspiration” behind the hymn Silent Night was nothing more than a broken organ. Continue reading

We’re Checking In…for Good!

Painting the walls. Hanging the family portrait. Rearranging the furniture. Replacing a couch. Setting out pictures of friends. Sounds like a normal weekend remodeling project in the suburbs, right? But what if it were a hotel room? Would that be a little weird?

Then why do we do the same thing with our lives in general? Continue reading

The Redemption of Trash

The next time you’re in New York City, pay close attention to the sidewalks; due to the art of Joshua Allen Harris, they tend to come alive with moving representations of nature, science fiction, and mythology.

But what makes these artistic masterpieces truly unique is the “materials” he uses to build them. Continue reading

Why Did You Wait So Long?

Civil war, disease, and poverty were wreaking havoc on those living in China during the 19th Century. Each year millions of men, women, and children died from these terrible living conditions. Sadly, almost none of them knew Christ, and were thus separated from God eternally.

But in spite of the millions, a man named Ni was only concerned about one: his father. Continue reading

The Conversion of Adoniram Judson

Adoniram Judson would prove to be one of the most effective missionaries of the 19th Century. During his ministry, over 200,000 Burmese would be led to faith in Jesus Christ. But all of that would have to wait until the young atheist first gave his life to Christ.

And that would happen in a most dramatic way…. Continue reading

Learning English for the Glory of God

For most of us, learning proper syntax and correct grammar was as exciting as watching grass grow. We diagrammed sentences, studied subject/verb agreement…and hated every minute of it. But for Immaculée Ilibagiza, a young African girl caught in a civil war, learning English became a matter of life and death. Continue reading

The Legacy of Welles Crowther

Though they had never met one another, Judy Wein and Ling Young had much in common. They were both in the South Tower when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. They were both bleeding and terrified, as well. Worse, they were both trapped.

But they would share one more commonality on that fateful day. Continue reading

How God Gains Our Trust

There are lots of influences in our lives, each begging us to trust them. If we’re wise, we only follow those who can prove they are worthy of our trust.

Long ago, when Dr. Evan Kane asked people to trust him, he proved himself in a most unusual way. Continue reading

Lord, Help Charlie Stoltzfus!

The world is a broken place. A really broken place. Thus, many people – even many Christians – wonder if intercessory prayer actually works.

But Tony Campolo isn’t one of them. He knows for a fact that intercessory prayer works! Continue reading