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A (Truly) Silent Night

The inspirational moments behind the creation of music are often as varied as the music itself. Military victories, movements of God, and even the loss of loved ones, have brought about some of the church’s most beloved music.

But the “inspiration” behind the hymn Silent Night was nothing more than a broken organ. Continue reading

Hudson Taylor’s Experiment

Prior to his departure to the mission fields of China, Hudson Taylor realized that he would continually be alone and always in great need. Knowing this – and given his bold philosophy of never asking people for donations – he thought it necessary to learn “to move man, through God, by prayer alone.”

If this sounds like a Jedi mind trick to you, think again. Continue reading

Asking…and Receiving

England’s Hudson Taylor, the missionary God used to transform China, was consumed with leading the lost into God’s Kingdom. In spite of the unfathomable challenges he would face – a lack of money, support, translators, and supplies – he never once asked anyone for money. Instead, he simply prayed.

Why not? That strategy paid off time and time again…. Continue reading

The Timing of the Church’s Birth

We’ve all heard the axiom, “Timing is everything.” In so many aspects of life, the idiom rings true; there are certain times at which certain things are best done. Looking back on some of God’s movements, it’s clear that He is conscious of “good timing,” as well.

Perhaps the best example of God’s timing was the birth of the church. Continue reading