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Telling the Story Better Than Jesus

In Revelation 22:18-19, the Apostle John gives a stern warning about changing his writings; it’s the “go-to” passage about altering God’s Word. Though preaching professor Dr. Fred Craddock was familiar with this passage, it still didn’t stop him from “tweaking” one of Jesus’ stories to make a point.

It proved to be a memorable experience…. Continue reading

Portraits of Reconciliation

How would you respond if someone asked you to describe reconciliation? What sort of picture would you paint? Would you talk about forgiveness? Granting pardon? Showing mercy after wrongs were committed?

Or would you just point to these pictures taken in Africa? Continue reading

Love Jesus…Or Else!

Theodosius had a plan. He wanted all the people of his empire to worship the one true God revealed in the Bible. A noble endeavor, for sure. But there was one fatal flaw in the emperor’s strategy:

Those he couldn’t lead to Jesus…he would send to Jesus! Continue reading

Passing On the Pardon

In December of 1829, James Porter and George Wilson robbed several postal shipments and terrorized various mail carriers in their rampage for loot. Unfortunately for them, they were soon caught, tried, and condemned to hang for their crimes. Porter was hanged on schedule; Wilson was given a presidential pardon.

But he was hanged for his crimes, nonetheless. Continue reading

Church Only Makes Me Feel Worse

Ask church people about their image in the community and they’re likely to reference “hospitals for the sick” or “lighthouses for lost.” Let’s face it; that’s how we like to see ourselves.

But one prostitute in Chicago has a completely different take on Christians and the Church. Continue reading

Grace on the Gridiron

Jake Porter wasn’t exactly the most talented player on his high school football team. OK, that’s an understatement. He’d never scored a single touchdown. He’d never even ran the ball. Heck, he’d never even touched the ball!

But all that was about to change. And when it did, a lot of hearts would also be changed. Continue reading

For The Ungodly

John Wayne Gacy. Timothy McVeigh. Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy. They had a number of common traits. All of them were men. All of them were murderers. All of them were found guilty. All of them have names that will live in infamy.

But they share something else in common. Continue reading

Life’s Delete Button

















If it were only that easy, right?


We’ve all said and done things we’ve lived to regret. It’d be… Continue reading

The Presidential Pardon

Throughout his life, President Lincoln developed a reputation for compassion and forgiveness. Regardless of how grievous the offense, or how vile the offender, Lincoln was known to exercise his right of presidential pardon quite often.

Perhaps one of the best known examples was in the case of “the sleeping sentinel.” Continue reading

The Nicest Victim in the World

If you got mugged by a punk teenager wielding a knife, would you willingly offer him your wallet? How about your coat? Would you buy your attacker dinner? How about giving him $20 for the road?

Why not? Julio Diaz did. Continue reading