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Archive for the ‘Hell’ Category

Whose Idea is Hell?

Is Hell a literal place, and if so, what’s it like? Is it dark? Is it a place of torment? Does it last forever? Everyone from theologians to thespians to thugs has a theory on Hell. But if we want to move from assumptions to answers, maybe we should turn to the One who is responsible for it.

And famed writer Dorothy Sayers knows exactly who that is. Continue reading

Reaching Sinners Spurgeon’s Way

Charles H. Spurgeon pastored thousands but impacted the lives of millions. The Church is indebted to the Prince of Preachers for his teaching, scholarship, and example. But those who were lost in their sin owed him much more.

That’s because he never gave up on them. Continue reading

Fishing for Men…Literally!

On May 26, 2002, a towboat was pushing a barge through the swelling waters of the Arkansas River when it accidentally rammed into a concrete pillar supporting I-40’s bridge, 62 feet above. Within moments, cars, trucks, and eighteen-wheelers began plunging into the river, claiming the lives of their passengers.

Fortunately, Alton Wilhoit knew exactly what to do. Continue reading

Time Off for Good Behavior…or Computer Glitches

Prisons in California were recently ordered to release a sizeable number of convicted criminals in order to reduce overpopulation at the state’s correctional facilities. In the process, over 10,000 law breakers were paroled. The early release was only intended to affect inmates deemed a “low risk” to society.

But something went terribly wrong. Continue reading

Why Hell?

“Why does God send people to Hell?” It’s a question that most people – including many Christians – want answered.

Perhaps the answer lies in understanding why Hell even exists. Continue reading

Seeing Is Believing…Right?

Eternal punishment, aka, Hell, has been a sore spot for believers for thousands of years. Questions and speculations swirl around this topic like no other. Fortunately, the Bible has plain teaching on the subject that will plainly answer people’s questions.

That is, if people choose to believe what they plainly see. Continue reading