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Archive for the ‘Holiday’ Category

Happy Holiday$$$

Let’s face it: nobody calls Christmas what we’ve turned it into. Continue reading

The Very First Thanksgiving?

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. The annual season set aside to grumble and complain amongst family and friends. Be careful what you allow Thanksgiving to turn into, this year. Continue reading

Being Thankful Was Sooooo Yesterday!

It’s pretty sad that Thanksgiving is being eclipsed by an annual sale, but that’s the state of our holiday mindset. Maybe there’s some wisdom for all of us embedded in the words of Paul from Colossians 3:15. “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Continue reading

Annual Gluttony

For many Americans, Thanksgiving serves as an annual excuse to overdo it at the dinner table. There’s turkey, ham, stuffing, pie and many other favorites for you to enjoy…or abuse. And if you’re like most, you probably over did it at the dinner table.

If you’re not sure, use this simple checklist to find out if you went overboard. Continue reading

The Best Way to Handle Bad Christmas Presents

Let’s be honest. Christmas brings awesome gifts…but Christmas also brings gifts from your Aunt Agnes living in Finland. How do you handle the moment when you tear off the wrapping paper to discover a turtleneck that somehow survived the Cold War?

Here are the five best ways to express yourself in that moment. Continue reading

Politically Correct Seasonal Greeting

With the expression “Merry Christmas” under attack these days, you may be looking for alternate ways to express festive seasonal greetings in a “risk-free” manner. Here’s a great one. Continue reading