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2 & 2 = ?

Mr. Williams, a hardened businessman, was interviewing applicants for an important position in management. To find the right person for the job, he created a test; each applicant was asked the same question, “What is two and two?”

Simple question, right? Continue reading

Michael Jordan’s Paycheck

Unfortunately, many people’s talk is cheap. They say one thing and then do another which makes their promises as empty as their integrity. If the commitments they’ve made might end up costing them something, they break them without any reservation.

But when Michael Jordan gave his word, he kept it…even if it could cost him millions. Continue reading

Good Cop. Bad Cop. Same Cop.

For years, he served as a highly decorated law enforcement officer. President Clinton appointed him to the National Commission on Crime Prevention and Control in 1995 and he was honored as Sheriff of the Year in 2001. A jail in Colorado was even named after him!

But when former sheriff Pat Sullivan broke the law, he was sent to the very prison that bore his name! Continue reading

Money Missing, Integrity Found

Robert Adams had just finished his shift on a sweltering workday, and wanted a refreshing, ice-cold drink and a burrito before heading home. Finding himself a couple bucks short, he went to an ATM to make a quick withdrawal…where he found a bag containing over $17,000 in cash!

Decisions. Decisions. Continue reading

The Road to Treason

The American Revolution produced story after story of personal sacrifice for our nation’s independence. It also produced one of the most notoriously selfish betrayals in history. At the time, many people were surprised by Benedict Arnold’s traitorous deceit, General Washington included.

But if they’d known more about him, they might not have been surprised at all. Continue reading

Modern Day Zacchaeus?

When we commit sin, we always regret it later; it eats us up on the inside. Our conscience is disturbed and we’re not at peace. Occasionally, we become so stressed we might even do something to try and right our wrong.

Even if it’s decades later…like this man living in Seattle. Continue reading

For Sale: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage…and $45,000

Imagine the excitement of a man who just closed on his very first home. Then, imagine how excited that same man would be if he found almost $45,000 in cash hidden inside. Now, imagine that man giving all the money to its rightful owner.

If that man is Josh Ferrin, there’s no imagination necessary. Continue reading

Integrity at the 1925 US Open

Robert “Bobby” Jones is best known for being the only person in the history of golf to win the Grand Slam – all four major championships in the same calendar year. That’s right; even Tiger hasn’t been able to do that! He won an impressive 13 majors in his short 15 years on tour, before retiring…as an amateur.

But he could have won 14 majors if he hadn’t let his integrity “get in the way.” Continue reading

Judging Lives by Tombstones

Most of us drive by cemeteries on a regular basis. If we take the time to observe our burial grounds, we might note the wide range of headstones commemorating people’s lives: some are huge, demanding attention, while others are miniscule, almost stirring sympathy.

But small, plain headstones can be misleading. They are in the case of Michael Joseph Mansfield. Continue reading

The Habit of Lying

It’s been said, “Once a liar, always a liar.” Apparently, there’s a lot of truth to that simple proverb.

In October of 2009, The Josephson Institute of Ethics released their findings from a multi-generational study on character and integrity. They found that kids who tell lies today often become adults who tell lies tomorrow. (All things equal…that makes sense.) Further, they discovered that kids who cheat today usually grow to be adults who cheat when they’re older. Continue reading