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Come to a Complete Stop

Hank was driving through a small Texas town when he failed to come to a complete stop at an intersection before continuing on his way. Unfortunately, a highway patrolman witnessed the infraction and pulled him over.

Within minutes, Hank would learn that a ticket wasn’t the worse thing he could get from a cop. Continue reading

Smiling in Church

Church can be a place that’s filled with distractions: cell phones with annoying ring tones, old people who cough loudly (and unceasingly), and of course, babies that cry. But what about a kid who’s smiling? Is that a disruption to worship?

In one church, evidently so. Continue reading

Telling the Story Better Than Jesus

In Revelation 22:18-19, the Apostle John gives a stern warning about changing his writings; it’s the “go-to” passage about altering God’s Word. Though preaching professor Dr. Fred Craddock was familiar with this passage, it still didn’t stop him from “tweaking” one of Jesus’ stories to make a point.

It proved to be a memorable experience…. Continue reading

The Marlboro Men

Eric Lawson, David Millar, Wayne McLaren, and David McLean have something in common. All four of them worked for the same company, in the same position, modeling as the iconic Marlboro Man.

Wanna guess what else they have in common? Continue reading

We’re Still Gonna Party!

Phil LaBoon, a native of Pittsburgh, wanted to get married so he reserved a reception hall, hired a caterer, and sent out invitations. The one thing the handsome young man didn’t secure was a stable fiancé; she backed out at the last moment.

But that didn’t stop LaBoon from having a life-changing celebration. Continue reading

Be Nice to Everyone…I Mean EVERYONE!

It was a cold day in February of 2015 when Matt Buckland boarded the already-crowded subway en route to his London office. At one of the later stops, a young man who was evidently having a bad day got on the train.

But that young man’s day was about to get much, much worse. Continue reading

Love Jesus…Or Else!

Theodosius had a plan. He wanted all the people of his empire to worship the one true God revealed in the Bible. A noble endeavor, for sure. But there was one fatal flaw in the emperor’s strategy:

Those he couldn’t lead to Jesus…he would send to Jesus! Continue reading

Killing Mr. Cook

Dr. Fred Craddock had no qualms about calling his childhood neighbor, Mr. Cook, a “hateful man”; after all, when Fred was just a young boy, Mr. Cook killed his dog. Fred’s sentiment toward Mr. Cook is easy to understand because many people have had a neighbor like Mr. Cook.

But few people have had a father like Fred’s. Continue reading

2 & 2 = ?

Mr. Williams, a hardened businessman, was interviewing applicants for an important position in management. To find the right person for the job, he created a test; each applicant was asked the same question, “What is two and two?”

Simple question, right? Continue reading

Passing On the Pardon

In December of 1829, James Porter and George Wilson robbed several postal shipments and terrorized various mail carriers in their rampage for loot. Unfortunately for them, they were soon caught, tried, and condemned to hang for their crimes. Porter was hanged on schedule; Wilson was given a presidential pardon.

But he was hanged for his crimes, nonetheless. Continue reading