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Smiling in Church

Church can be a place that’s filled with distractions: cell phones with annoying ring tones, old people who cough loudly (and unceasingly), and of course, babies that cry. But what about a kid who’s smiling? Is that a disruption to worship?

In one church, evidently so. Continue reading

Portraits of Reconciliation

How would you respond if someone asked you to describe reconciliation? What sort of picture would you paint? Would you talk about forgiveness? Granting pardon? Showing mercy after wrongs were committed?

Or would you just point to these pictures taken in Africa? Continue reading

Love Jesus…Or Else!

Theodosius had a plan. He wanted all the people of his empire to worship the one true God revealed in the Bible. A noble endeavor, for sure. But there was one fatal flaw in the emperor’s strategy:

Those he couldn’t lead to Jesus…he would send to Jesus! Continue reading

Killing Mr. Cook

Dr. Fred Craddock had no qualms about calling his childhood neighbor, Mr. Cook, a “hateful man”; after all, when Fred was just a young boy, Mr. Cook killed his dog. Fred’s sentiment toward Mr. Cook is easy to understand because many people have had a neighbor like Mr. Cook.

But few people have had a father like Fred’s. Continue reading

Julian’s Problem

Julian had a problem: Christianity was taking over his empire. But dealing with that problem highlighted an even bigger one: his authority as Emperor wasn’t sufficient to rid his land of Christians.

His military might was simply no match for their humility and sacrificial nature. Continue reading

Extreme Coincidence

Ms. Eloise heard a knock at the door one afternoon, and shuffling her way over to it, opened it to find Kyle, a sweet-but-hyper little boy, standing on her porch clutching a baseball glove. The elderly woman, a grandma many times over in her own right, immediately recognized the sheepish look on the little boy’s face. Continue reading

Betrayal of a King

In August of 480 BC, a few hundred Spartans led by King Leonidas battled against 150,000 Persian warriors led by King Xerxes. The heavily outnumbered Greeks held their ground, repelled the invaders, and controlled the battle for three days.

But there was one thing King Leonidas couldn’t control…and it would prove fatal. Continue reading

Church Only Makes Me Feel Worse

Ask church people about their image in the community and they’re likely to reference “hospitals for the sick” or “lighthouses for lost.” Let’s face it; that’s how we like to see ourselves.

But one prostitute in Chicago has a completely different take on Christians and the Church. Continue reading

Running Together

Running a 5K isn’t easy. The course stretches 3.1 miles long and can be filled with hills and headwinds. Successful runners know it takes a good pair of running shoes, plenty of training, and unflinching endurance to finish strong.

And it doesn’t hurt to have a good running partner, either. Continue reading

Herod the Great, AKA, Herod the Murderous

Matthew opens his version of the Good News of Jesus Christ with some unthinkably bad news: the King of the Jews, Herod the Great, becomes jealous and angry, and slaughters innocent baby boys born in and around Bethlehem. Since no other historian mentions this atrocity, many deny it ever took place.

Yeah, murdering innocent people would be soooooo out of character for King Herod…. Continue reading