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Come to a Complete Stop

Hank was driving through a small Texas town when he failed to come to a complete stop at an intersection before continuing on his way. Unfortunately, a highway patrolman witnessed the infraction and pulled him over.

Within minutes, Hank would learn that a ticket wasn’t the worse thing he could get from a cop. Continue reading

Baseball Manners

Coach Brown and his squad of little leaguers were down 11 runs in the 8th inning. He was as frustrated as the 4th graders he was coaching. The game was all but lost, and the poor attitudes around him just kept getting worse.

When he could take it no more, Coach Brown walked over for a heart-to-heart talk with his young pitcher. Continue reading

Making the Most of Failures

When asked, “What made Michael Jordan so great?” lots of basketball fans may think “practice,” “dedication,” “teamwork,” “great coaching,” “luck” or something else. When Michael Jordan answers that question about himself, he give a surprising answer.

A very surprising answer. Continue reading

What Do You Expect?

When you’re in God’s presence, do you expect great things from Him? Do you believe He will do what only He can do? Or has doubt caused you to lose your sense of wonder and anticipation? If so, you’re not alone.

Evidently, it happens to pastors, too. Continue reading

Living in a Bowl

Rules. Statutes. Laws. Decrees. Commandments. It doesn’t matter what you call them, most people don’t like them. Many simply view them as constraints in life that keep them from experiencing what they call “true freedom.”

But goldfish disagree. Just ask Albert. Continue reading

This Guy Must Really Like Jail

It takes some people longer than others to learn their lesson. Marcus Wayne Hunt is one of those people. For years, he’s been on the wrong side of the law, and as a result, he’s been arrested on multiple occasions.

But his latest arrest may have set a world record. Continue reading

Do You REALLY Believe?

There’s a lot of difference between saying you believe something, and actually basing your life on that belief. Famed author and communicator Ken Davis claims to have developed a unique way of testing the difference between the two. Continue reading