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A Call from the IRS

On April 16th, the phone rang at First Baptist Church in downtown Glendale. When Pastor Jefferson answered the phone, a member of the IRS introduced himself and said he had a few questions for the pastor.

“This can’t be good,” thought the pastor…. Continue reading

Wrapping Up Freedom

While no two Christmas lists are ever the exact same, it’s a sure bet that most kids want the hi-tech staples that have come to define our culture: an iPad, a video game or two, and a new cell phone. But a few kids from India had a different list entirely; they just wanted to be set free from slavery.

And thanks to a recent raid, they got just what they wanted. Continue reading

The Power of a Fake

You know that the “North won the war,” but do you know how? Sure, the Union Army had well-trained troops and advanced weaponry, but there was yet another tool they wielded during the American Civil War.

And this one, while highly effective, never even saw the battlefield. Continue reading

Is Houdini Really Dead?

On Sunday, October 31, 1926, at precisely 1:26pm, a man named Ehrich Weiss died in a hospital room in Detroit, Michigan surrounded by his siblings, his wife, and a few medical attendants. The world gasped when they heard the news because they knew this man by a different name: Harry Houdini.

But most wondered if death could hold him; for years, Houdini boasted of a plan to cheat the grave. Continue reading

Did He See God…or Not?

On April 12, 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin climbed aboard a rocket and left Earth’s atmosphere, becoming the first human to ever fly through space. Upon landing, he infuriated Christians because he was quoted by Communist Party leaders as saying, “I looked and looked but I didn’t see God.”

The truth is, he said nothing of the sort. Continue reading

Reverend Rambo

You know…some guys can do it all. Some guys can walk and chew gum at the same time. Some guys can even defend freedom and democracy while preaching the Gospel of Jesus.

Of course, there are also some guys who just SAY they can do it all. Continue reading

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

A man from New Jersey was driving – in a hurry – through a small town in Illinois when he was stopped for speeding. The cop told the man he was doing an unbelievable 98 in a 55pmh zone! Continue reading

How to Win in Court

When the witness took the stand, the judge sternly warned him by asking, “Do you understand that you have sworn to tell the truth?”

“I do,” replied the man. Continue reading