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Baseball Manners

Coach Brown and his squad of little leaguers were down 11 runs in the 8th inning. He was as frustrated as the 4th graders he was coaching. The game was all but lost, and the poor attitudes around him just kept getting worse.

When he could take it no more, Coach Brown walked over for a heart-to-heart talk with his young pitcher. Continue reading

Making the Most of Failures

When asked, “What made Michael Jordan so great?” lots of basketball fans may think “practice,” “dedication,” “teamwork,” “great coaching,” “luck” or something else. When Michael Jordan answers that question about himself, he give a surprising answer.

A very surprising answer. Continue reading

Derek Redmond’s Biggest Run

In 1992, British-born Derrick Redmond was in search of an Olympic medal. Which color, he cared not. He just wanted a piece of human history, and he had disciplined himself with machine-like precision his whole life to achieve that goal. Continue reading

Losing Faith…and Everything Else

Pastors have a tough job. As a result, they sometimes lose their patience, their hair, their job, and even their families. More recently, there have been a few pastors that have actually lost their faith.

Waiting in the wings is The American Atheists…with a special program designed just for them. Continue reading

The Lindsey Leap

Coming into the last jumps in the Snowboard Cross finals at the 2006 Winter Olympics, America’s Lindsey Jacobellis was in such a commanding lead it seemed no one could keep her from winning the gold medal.

No one, but herself, that is…. Continue reading

Finish Strong!

Football coaches tell their teams they must play “all 60 minutes” of the game. Track and field trainers tell their athletes to run “the whole” race. That’s because they know that playing 59 minutes or only running 399 meters leads to defeat.

The same kind of defeat in these videos…. Continue reading

Matt Misses the Target…Big Time

Finding himself in a commanding lead at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece, American sharp shooter Matt Emmons stepped into position to fire his final shot in the 50 meter challenge. He didn’t even need a bull’s-eye to win his second gold medal; he only needed something close. He focused on staying calm, and then pulled the trigger.

That’s when he realized he should’ve focused on something else entirely. Continue reading

A Race…and a Rescue

For a moment, imagine that you’re in an important boat rowing race. Just for kicks, imagine that your dedication to practice and your perfectly synchronized strokes have put your team way out in front of the competition. Now, imagine what you would do if another team’s boat capsized, threatening the lives of its rowers.

For James Konopka and Nick Mead, no imagination was required. Continue reading

No Fishing License…No Million Dollar Prize

If you’ve ever been caught fishing without a license, you know the fine is somewhere around a hundred bucks…give or take.

But can you imagine getting caught fishing without a license…and it cost you a cool million?

Andy Thomossan can. Continue reading