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The House That Superstition Built

Sarah Winchester was a wealthy woman because she married William Winchester, the maker of the “gun that won the West.” Sadly, both her husband and young daughter died in quick succession, and Sarah was told that the souls of murdered people were responsible for her loss.

But that’s not even the weird part…. Continue reading

For Sale: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage…and $45,000

Imagine the excitement of a man who just closed on his very first home. Then, imagine how excited that same man would be if he found almost $45,000 in cash hidden inside. Now, imagine that man giving all the money to its rightful owner.

If that man is Josh Ferrin, there’s no imagination necessary. Continue reading

A Day in the Life of Bryan Heiss

Ever had a bad day? How about a really bad day? We’ve all had bad days, but have you ever had such a bad day that professional journalists wonder if you’re cursed?

Bryan Heiss has. Continue reading