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Archive for the ‘Misrepresentation’ Category

Jefferson’s Bible

Some people make the Bible “say what they want it to say,” meaning they take teachings out of context, misinterpret passages, or even interpret Scripture through their own biases. But President Thomas Jefferson took this error to the extreme.

He made the Bible “say what he wanted it to say” by creating a whole new Bible! Continue reading

Open to Interpretation?

Some things in life allow for multiple interpretations, each of which may be valid. For instance, dreams, paintings by Da Vinci, song lyrics, the Constitution…and the actual winner of the Cal/Stanford game from 1982.

However, there are also some things in life that have only one correct interpretation. Continue reading

Unreal Advertisements

It’s no secret that images gracing the covers of the most popular magazines in the country are enhanced (or “Photoshopped”) to make the particular model look even more appealing.

(Hey, companies can’t have “slightly flawed” people representing their perfect products!) Continue reading