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The Death of Elijah Lovejoy

On a cold winter night in 1837, famed abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy challenged an angry mob of slave holders, racists, and corrupt officials. His campaign against slavery had already cost him several homes and businesses, and he had even been physically attacked a few times.

But his words fell on deaf ears, and a few nights later, he would be savagely murdered. Continue reading

Did St. Francis Really Say That?

St. Francis of Assisi is remembered for many things; he was a friar, a missionary, a preacher, and the founder of the Franciscans. To Roman Catholics, he’s even acquired the status of saint.

But he may be best remembered for something he never said. Continue reading

The Marathoner’s Good News

In 490 BC – just before the advent of cell phones and Skype – legend reports that a Greek solider was tasked with relaying crucial information: his comrades had just won an important battle and he had been entrusted with relaying the good news to his countrymen.

Little did he know that delivering a message would be more dangerous than fighting a battle. Continue reading

The World’s Worst Spokesman

A good spokesman is sometimes hard to come by. Just ask the Fargo Police Department. In late 2010, they asked Craig Bohl, coach of the North Dakota State University football team, to be a spokesman for a 30-second radio spot to promote a safe driving campaign. Coach Bohl happily agreed to help Fargo’s finest.

There was just one problem. Ummm…make that 18 problems. Continue reading

I’m Just a Bagger

Barbara Glanz, a motivational speaker, was speaking to three thousand employees of a grocery store chain. Everybody from truck drivers to cashiers to managers were found in the crowd.

So was Johnny, a 19-year old bagger, who suffered from Down Syndrome. Continue reading