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Shooting the “Bull”

General William Nelson caused lots of trouble for the Confederate Army that fought against him during the Civil War. The hulking man who stood over 6 feet tall and weighed more than 300lbs well-deserved his nickname of “Bull.”

But after dodging every bullet fired at him by the Confederate Army, he couldn’t dodge just one that was fired at him from the gun of a fellow Union general. Continue reading

The “Interruption” of Life

Early tests on Jeff and Lynel Willis’ unborn baby revealed serious neural tube defects. Doctors advised the heartbroken mother and father to “interrupt the pregnancy” – a medical way of saying abort – because the fetus wouldn’t survive the pregnancy.

10 years later, they’re really glad they didn’t. Continue reading

Life’s Delete Button

















If it were only that easy, right?


We’ve all said and done things we’ve lived to regret. It’d be… Continue reading


It’s happened to just about all of us in the age of technology: at one point or another, our GPS malfunctions and gets us lost. When the satellite-enabled device makes a mistake, it usually just takes us down a dead end road or the wrong way on a one-way street.

But a GPS in Australia actually led three Japanese tourists into the Pacific Ocean! Continue reading

Carjacking With An Idiot

Let’s say you were going to steal a car. (Just go with me here for a moment, OK?) What kind of car would you nab? A luxury car? A sports car? A classic of some sort? Maybe something less conspicuous? With so many options, choosing the best one should be pretty easy.

But somehow, Josh Carter chose the absolute worst car in the world to steal. Continue reading

The Merchant of Death

Though quite wealthy, Ludvig’s life wasn’t particularly noteworthy, and on April 12, 1888, he died after a long bout with heart disease. But when his more famous brother Alfred read the obituary, he was struck to his core…for two reasons.

First, his name was listed as the deceased, and second, it didn’t read too kindly. Continue reading

Botching the Bible

At one time or another, almost every politician in America has made a reference to the Bible…usually to support their political agenda or to show how “Christian” they are. But sometimes, their references to Scripture aren’t exactly “biblical.”

Of course, some seem to do it more frequently than others. Continue reading

Finding the Found

We all know people who have “gone off in search of themselves.” Of course, when that happens, it’s usually just a figure of speech and nothing more. But one woman in Iceland recently went off to find herself in the most literal way possible. Continue reading

Take Out That Part About….

Most people will agree that the Bible has its fair share of difficult passages. It contains laws and commandments, claims of exclusivity, and supernatural miracles that boggle the mind. Some have even suggested removing the parts of the Bible that are too difficult or divisive.

But cutting out parts of the Bible is just as foolish as cutting out parts of the Constitution. Continue reading

There Is No Other Stream

There are lots of people who like what Jesus has to offer…but don’t like Jesus. For instance, they want salvation but find His teachings on the subject intolerable. But Jesus can’t be picked apart; He and His gifts are a package deal.

That’s the lesson a thirsting Jill Pole learned when a lion blocked her path to a life-saving stream. Continue reading