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DNA Made Me Do It

In life, bad stuff happens. Sometimes, even really bad stuff happens. And from time to time, outright evil strikes our lives. It leaves us asking “Why?” in a desperate search for answers. But we must be leery of some of the answers we’re offered.

Like this one from atheist, Richard Dawkins. Continue reading

Jefferson’s Bible

Some people make the Bible “say what they want it to say,” meaning they take teachings out of context, misinterpret passages, or even interpret Scripture through their own biases. But President Thomas Jefferson took this error to the extreme.

He made the Bible “say what he wanted it to say” by creating a whole new Bible! Continue reading

Shifting Attitudes

Public opinion sways like a tree in the wind. What was called “wrong” yesterday might be considered “right” tomorrow…and vice versa. While there are dozens of examples of this phenomenon, one of the biggest shifts in our culture has been over homosexuality.

But has our opinion about this topic shifted in the correct direction? Continue reading

The Habit of Lying

It’s been said, “Once a liar, always a liar.” Apparently, there’s a lot of truth to that simple proverb.

In October of 2009, The Josephson Institute of Ethics released their findings from a multi-generational study on character and integrity. They found that kids who tell lies today often become adults who tell lies tomorrow. (All things equal…that makes sense.) Further, they discovered that kids who cheat today usually grow to be adults who cheat when they’re older. Continue reading