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Starting With Sorrow

If you were creating your own government, what would you do first? Would you build a strong military? Secure honest leaders? Write just laws or ensure a viable economy?

East Germany didn’t start that way. Their first official act was to apologize to the world. Continue reading

The Advocate’s Assassination

The car had no sooner left its driveway when it was suddenly attacked by terrorists bent on assassination. The killers mercilessly sprayed the vehicle with gunfire as neighbors dove for cover.

When the smoke cleared, a powerful advocate for Pakistani Christians lay in a puddle of his own blood. Continue reading

“We Are All Rwandans”

The peace had been a fragile one at best. For 3 years, Rwandans focused on putting the genocide of 1994 behind them, but the Tutsis still did not trust the Hutus who had killed their family members, and the Hutus feared the Tutsis were secretly planning revenge. It seemed the nation would remain divided forever.

But reconciliation would start with a Hutu teenager who had a gun pointed at him. Continue reading

Cowardly Christians

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” declares Tolstoy in War and Peace. The truth – and consequence – of that statement has revealed itself time and time again throughout the travesties in mankind’s history.

Sadly, it was true of an entire church in Nazi Germany. Continue reading

Forgive My Enemies?

At the end of one’s life, it’s customary to reflect on relationships. Loved ones can be celebrated and those who have caused harm can be restored through forgiveness. For many, this celebration and restoration is a very important part of the dying experience.

Evidently, it wasn’t for Ramon Maria Narvaez. Continue reading

The Laughing Bishop

Today, Desmond Tutu is known for his laughter. But it was not always so.

On September 25, 1977, the country of South Africa awoke to face yet another grim day of violent political tension caused by Apartheid, the system of “legal racism” inflicted on black tribesmen by the whites. But September 25, 1977 would prove to be a significant day for more than one reason. Continue reading