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Pull Over, Mr. President

Being President of the United States comes with awesome perks. You get your own jet (and limo), a few personal chefs, and exotic holidays paid for by the working masses. Celebrities want to meet you…and those guys in the black suits are even willing to die for you. Not too shabby.

Just don’t expect to talk your way out of a speeding ticket, though. Continue reading

Stuck in the Mud

During training exercises, a young lieutenant was driving his jeep down a muddy back road when he saw another jeep stuck helplessly in the mud, with a highly irritated colonel sitting behind the wheel.

Hoping to help his commanding officer, the lieutenant wheeled up to the colonel and asked, “Your jeep stuck, sir?” Continue reading

Addressing an Officer

It’s hard to go wrong with humility; it’ll get you things arrogance and pride never can.

Commander Watkins found himself in need of a few coins so he walked up to Private First Class Dewey Jones. The officer asked the young private, “Solider, do you have change for a dollar?” Continue reading

The Risks of Pulling Rank

In WWII, the gedunk bar, slang for ice cream bar, was one of the most popular places to be.

The Navy allowed men to have as much ice cream as they wanted, and so the ships that made ice cream, the concrete gedunk cruisers, cranked out almost 5,000 gallons of the dairy treat…per hour.

One muggy afternoon in the Pacific, two freshly minted ensigns aboard the battleship New Jersey, the flagship of the Third Fleet, decided they wanted some ice cream. Continue reading