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We’re Still Gonna Party!

Phil LaBoon, a native of Pittsburgh, wanted to get married so he reserved a reception hall, hired a caterer, and sent out invitations. The one thing the handsome young man didn’t secure was a stable fiancé; she backed out at the last moment.

But that didn’t stop LaBoon from having a life-changing celebration. Continue reading

Getting It Right At The Top

When getting dressed, there are a few keys to remember. For instance, make sure your socks match. Also, be careful you don’t skip any loops with your belt. And always – I mean always – double check your zipper!

But there’s one other key to getting dressed…and this one can teach us a lot about life, in general. Continue reading

God’s Work?

In 2013, TIME Magazine listed Justin Timberlake as one of its 100 Most Influential People in the World. It’s true; JT is an international superstar known for his music, acting (film and television), and miscellaneous business ventures. But in the article, he was praised for doing God’s work, too.

God’s work, huh? Continue reading

Made for Another World

C.S. Lewis lived during a tough period in mankind’s history, the First and Second World Wars. All of Europe was thrown into suffering, and Mr. Lewis’ tragedy was compounded even further after the death of his beloved wife, Joy. But the famous atheist-turned-Christian-author never gave up hope.

And maybe that’s why his teachings on hope have helped so many others, decades later. Continue reading

The Merchant of Death

Though quite wealthy, Ludvig’s life wasn’t particularly noteworthy, and on April 12, 1888, he died after a long bout with heart disease. But when his more famous brother Alfred read the obituary, he was struck to his core…for two reasons.

First, his name was listed as the deceased, and second, it didn’t read too kindly. Continue reading

The Death of Elijah Lovejoy

On a cold winter night in 1837, famed abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy challenged an angry mob of slave holders, racists, and corrupt officials. His campaign against slavery had already cost him several homes and businesses, and he had even been physically attacked a few times.

But his words fell on deaf ears, and a few nights later, he would be savagely murdered. Continue reading

How to Come to Jesus

Charlotte Elliot of Brighton, England was a tortured soul, and consequently, she tortured others. She thought her broken health and constant disabilities justified her bitterness to family and her hatred of God.

But little did Charlotte know that God would use her illness to reach millions of people with His love. Continue reading

B.C.’s Impact on A.D.

Johnny Hart died at his drawing table on Saturday, April 7, 2007. It was fitting that the artist passed away on Easter weekend that year; after all, the Easter message had captivated his life’s work for decades.

And as a result of that work, over 100 million people read about the empty tomb in his comic strip, B.C. Continue reading

The Conversion of Adoniram Judson

Adoniram Judson would prove to be one of the most effective missionaries of the 19th Century. During his ministry, over 200,000 Burmese would be led to faith in Jesus Christ. But all of that would have to wait until the young atheist first gave his life to Christ.

And that would happen in a most dramatic way…. Continue reading

Houdini’s Deathbed Confession

When a person prepares for death, he or she usually tallies their life’s victories and regrets. In that gripping moment, each of us takes an honest – even chilling – assessment of our lives. It’s just a natural thing for all of us to do.

Even Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous magician, did it. Continue reading