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Prone to Wander

One Sunday when he was a young man, Robert Robinson and some buddies went to church…but only to make fun of the Christians gathered in worship. However, the preacher that day was the mighty George Whitefield, and Robinson ended up giving his life to Christ instead!

And that’s just one part of this hymn writer’s amazing spiritual journey. Continue reading

Be Nice to Everyone…I Mean EVERYONE!

It was a cold day in February of 2015 when Matt Buckland boarded the already-crowded subway en route to his London office. At one of the later stops, a young man who was evidently having a bad day got on the train.

But that young man’s day was about to get much, much worse. Continue reading

Grilled Cheese With the Guilty

When you notice injustice, racism, violence, or some other form of evil, what do you do? Do you take strong action against it? Do you denounce it? Do you at least pray against it?

At all costs, you should avoid doing what Fred Craddock, the famous preacher, once did. Continue reading

Regret Immortalized

In the violent world of African war where thousands of people shot bullets, South African photojournalist Kevin Carter shot film. The dangerous vocation of wartime photography put him in life-and-death situations on a daily basis…and eventually, it took its toll.

But Carter wasn’t killed in war. He took his own life…even after winning a Pulitzer Prize for one of his photos. Continue reading

Florence’s Fog

Florence Chadwick was a world-class athlete who set and broke long-distance swimming records for women…and men. In 1950, she crossed the English Channel faster than any other woman in history. A year later, she crossed it again, this time against the current, something no other woman had ever done.

But on July 4, 1952, Chadwick did something else she’d never done before. Continue reading

Move Your Fence…Or I’ll Move Your House

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,” warned the Apostle Paul many years ago. He knew that lingering bitterness can make people act in ways they would live to regret. After all, unresolved anger can lead to harsh words or fights.

It can even lead somebody to bulldoze a person’s house. Continue reading

Madonna vs. Mediocrity

She’s sold well over 100 million albums around the world, done TV and film work, and launched her own line of clothing. Her career has spanned more than 4 decades and she’s won multiple ASCAP Awards, Golden Globes, and Grammys.

But Madonna still can’t seem to capture satisfaction or self-respect…. Continue reading

Life’s Delete Button

















If it were only that easy, right?


We’ve all said and done things we’ve lived to regret. It’d be… Continue reading

Annual Gluttony

For many Americans, Thanksgiving serves as an annual excuse to overdo it at the dinner table. There’s turkey, ham, stuffing, pie and many other favorites for you to enjoy…or abuse. And if you’re like most, you probably over did it at the dinner table.

If you’re not sure, use this simple checklist to find out if you went overboard. Continue reading

Cowardly Christians

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” declares Tolstoy in War and Peace. The truth – and consequence – of that statement has revealed itself time and time again throughout the travesties in mankind’s history.

Sadly, it was true of an entire church in Nazi Germany. Continue reading