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Archive for the ‘Selfless’ Category

Julian’s Problem

Julian had a problem: Christianity was taking over his empire. But dealing with that problem highlighted an even bigger one: his authority as Emperor wasn’t sufficient to rid his land of Christians.

His military might was simply no match for their humility and sacrificial nature. Continue reading

George and Jesus

Some people live their lives in such a manner that the only way they can be accurately described is “Christlike.” Those people’s lives are marked by humility, generosity, and sacrifice. In short, they are far more focused on others than themselves.

For many reasons, George Washington was one of those people. Continue reading

Kaleb Eulls’ Biggest Tackle

Kaleb Eulls, a 6’ 4” 255 lb defensive end, is used to protecting against the pass rush for his Yazoo County High School football team. But on Tuesday morning, September 1, 2009, he had to protect a school bus full of kids from a student carrying a .38 caliber pistol. Continue reading

Sparing Francis

Father Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish-born priest who affected the lives of thousands around the world through a ministry he founded within the Roman Catholic Church. But his real legacy centers on a selfless act for one man named Francis…at a place called Auschwitz. Continue reading

Ransom from Sin

What imagery comes to mind when you think about Jesus rescuing sinners? The Bible actually offers several helpful illustrations of how salvation has been given to us through God’s Son, Jesus.

But one of the best may be that of “ransom.” Continue reading

A Race…and a Rescue

For a moment, imagine that you’re in an important boat rowing race. Just for kicks, imagine that your dedication to practice and your perfectly synchronized strokes have put your team way out in front of the competition. Now, imagine what you would do if another team’s boat capsized, threatening the lives of its rowers.

For James Konopka and Nick Mead, no imagination was required. Continue reading

The Legacy of Welles Crowther

Though they had never met one another, Judy Wein and Ling Young had much in common. They were both in the South Tower when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. They were both bleeding and terrified, as well. Worse, they were both trapped.

But they would share one more commonality on that fateful day. Continue reading

Save My Brother First!

Imagine this: You and your family are in a stalled car. Deadly floodwaters are quickly rising and you can’t swim. Finally, a rescuer reaches your stranded car. What do you do?

For Jordan Rice, the decision was simple. Continue reading

Good Samaritan Dies

The homeless man lay face down and motionless on a sidewalk in New York City while blood from multiple knife wounds pooled underneath his body. He had tried to save someone’s life, and now, when he needed it most, no one would try to save his. Continue reading