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“I Keep the Nail”

Once upon a time, the shop belonging to an astute merchant named Salem, and all the carpets in it, were burnt in a fire. Salem was left with nothing but his house, and since he was a trader he decided to sell it. With the money he would be able to buy a new shop and more carpets. Continue reading

The Christmas Card You’ll Never See

Each Christmas, millions of holiday greeting cards are shared by friends and family members. Those of a spiritual nature usually feature angelic choirs, gift-bearing wise men, a baby in a manger, or some other fond image found in the Christmas stories of Matthew 2 and Luke 2.

But we never see Christmas cards based on Revelation’s version of the Christmas story…and we never will. Continue reading

Death of a Baby Zebra

I love watching Discovery on TV. It’s the only channel where you can learn how to build AK-47s in the streets of Lebanon and be taught how to catch crab in the Bering Sea. Next to Holy Week, Shark Week is the 7 best days of my year! But, some of the stuff on Discovery can be heartbreaking.

Take, for example, a video I recently watched of a newborn zebra. Continue reading

Under Attack…and Clueless

When the Imperial forces of Japan launched a surprise attack on the United States on December 7, 1941, many American soldiers simply thought U.S. military commanders at Pearl Harbor were conducting drills. In fact, many of the sailors’ misunderstanding cost them precious minutes in response time, only making the “day of infamy” that much more infamous. Continue reading