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Archive for the ‘Steal’ Category

Passing On the Pardon

In December of 1829, James Porter and George Wilson robbed several postal shipments and terrorized various mail carriers in their rampage for loot. Unfortunately for them, they were soon caught, tried, and condemned to hang for their crimes. Porter was hanged on schedule; Wilson was given a presidential pardon.

But he was hanged for his crimes, nonetheless. Continue reading

Skinny Dipping Swindlers

The next time a strange woman shows up at Stephen Amaral’s door and wants to go skinny dipping in his backyard pool, the Crossville, TN resident will think twice about it.

That’s because the last time it happened, she got wet…but he got hosed. Continue reading

Where’s My Sign?

In October of 2012, Alex Nuwagaba and Mark Muzamiru, two law enforcement officials in Uganda, died in a tragic and unnecessary car crash. They weren’t drunk, nor were they speeding; they just didn’t navigate a bend in the road correctly.

But thanks to a recent crime spree, they didn’t even know there was a bend in the road…. Continue reading

Carjacking With An Idiot

Let’s say you were going to steal a car. (Just go with me here for a moment, OK?) What kind of car would you nab? A luxury car? A sports car? A classic of some sort? Maybe something less conspicuous? With so many options, choosing the best one should be pretty easy.

But somehow, Josh Carter chose the absolute worst car in the world to steal. Continue reading

The Nicest Victim in the World

If you got mugged by a punk teenager wielding a knife, would you willingly offer him your wallet? How about your coat? Would you buy your attacker dinner? How about giving him $20 for the road?

Why not? Julio Diaz did. Continue reading

This Guy Must Really Like Jail

It takes some people longer than others to learn their lesson. Marcus Wayne Hunt is one of those people. For years, he’s been on the wrong side of the law, and as a result, he’s been arrested on multiple occasions.

But his latest arrest may have set a world record. Continue reading

Modern Day Zacchaeus?

When we commit sin, we always regret it later; it eats us up on the inside. Our conscience is disturbed and we’re not at peace. Occasionally, we become so stressed we might even do something to try and right our wrong.

Even if it’s decades later…like this man living in Seattle. Continue reading

Pastor Takes Big Gamble

You’ve heard the expression “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” right? Well, it seems it’s not as simple as that. Sometimes, what happens in Vegas can land you in prison.

Just ask Pastor Kevin McAuliffe. Continue reading

The Lone Ranger Misses the Point

The Lone Ranger and his trusty sidekick Tonto were camping, getting some much-deserved rest after saving a town from bank robbers and other villainous men of ill repute. After setting up camp, both heroes fell asleep in their tent. Continue reading

Crook’s Missing Wallet

Another episode of The World’s Dumbest Crooks….

Here’s a helpful hint: If you want to rob a bank, leave your wallet at home.

On October 28, 2010, Jorman Sampaio donned sugival gloves and ran into the Union State Bank in Destin, Florida with a pistol, heaps of desperation, and apparently, his wallet. Continue reading