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Archive for the ‘Surgery’ Category

A New Heart

In August of 2013, 15-year-old Anthony Tremayne Stokes received an emergency heart transplant to ease his suffering from an acute case of dilated cardiomyopathy. According to the team of doctors, there was no doubt the procedure saved his young life.

But Stokes died two years later from something that no team of doctors could prevent. Continue reading

Change or Die!

What if you were told you had to make a change, maybe even a big change…or else you would literally die? Would you make the change? Without a doubt, most people say they would.

The experts disagree. Overwhelmingly. Continue reading

The Twisted Kiss

Let’s face it; some people are better kissers than others. For many, kissing is reduced to a physical act and nothing more. For others, kissing allows them to communicate their passion and love for one another.

Dr. Richard Selzer once witnessed a kiss that left as big of an impact on him as it did the one who received it. Continue reading

Surgery Gone (Way) Wrong

Anesthesia. Doctors give it to us before surgery for two reasons. One, so we won’t feel any pain, and two, so we won’t hear what they’re saying about the actual operation.

Here are the top ten statements you never want said during your surgery. Continue reading

How God Gains Our Trust

There are lots of influences in our lives, each begging us to trust them. If we’re wise, we only follow those who can prove they are worthy of our trust.

Long ago, when Dr. Evan Kane asked people to trust him, he proved himself in a most unusual way. Continue reading