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Archive for the ‘Traffic’ Category

Where’s My Sign?

In October of 2012, Alex Nuwagaba and Mark Muzamiru, two law enforcement officials in Uganda, died in a tragic and unnecessary car crash. They weren’t drunk, nor were they speeding; they just didn’t navigate a bend in the road correctly.

But thanks to a recent crime spree, they didn’t even know there was a bend in the road…. Continue reading

The World’s Worst Spokesman

A good spokesman is sometimes hard to come by. Just ask the Fargo Police Department. In late 2010, they asked Craig Bohl, coach of the North Dakota State University football team, to be a spokesman for a 30-second radio spot to promote a safe driving campaign. Coach Bohl happily agreed to help Fargo’s finest.

There was just one problem. Ummm…make that 18 problems. Continue reading

Attacked with a Dirty Diaper

Until now, I thought it was just monkeys who threw their poop at each other.

State police in western Pennsylvania said Jessica Hollis, who resides in Mount Pleasant, did something very unpleasant in traffic: she threw a dirty diaper at another woman’s car in a traffic jam. Continue reading