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The Battle of the Billboards

In Psalm 133:1, King David joyfully declared, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” The ancient king could easily distinguish between hostility and peace…and probably knew that the latter was often hard to come by.

Just like it is between two churches in modern day Toledo, OH. Continue reading

The Importance of Discipleship

It’s easy to lose sight of exactly what Jesus had in mind when He outlined the Great Commission. He wanted His church to make disciples, not just converts, believers, or followers.

If we don’t make disciples, we commit the same mistake George Whitefield made 250 years ago. Continue reading

John Wesley’s Conversion

John Wesley grew up in the home of an Anglican priest. He studied theology at Oxford. He even went to the newly discovered America on a mission trip. In spite of these realities, Wesley had never truly bowed his life to Christ.

The true conversion of John Wesley shows that God can reach anyone at anytime…no matter what. Continue reading

Bible Survives Church Fire

On the night of May 11th through the early morning hours of May 12th, in 1967, Lake City First United Methodist Church burned for 7 hours. When the smoke finally cleared that terrible morning, parishioners of the church took stock of all they’d lost…and gained. Continue reading